We were delighted to find out that Harry Rasmussen, a pupil of Kip McGrath Ashford, was awarded the South East and East of England winner in the national Dream a Big Dream Writing Competition.

In Harry’s age range, 8-11, he was one of over 400 entrants, which just shows how special his Dream was.

Here is Harry receiving his certificate, signed by our supporting athletes, Sam Ruddock, Kike Oniwinde and Rachel Johncock, from Centre Director Simon Fisher.


My big dream is to be a scientist.

I really don’t care if I get a lot of money, I just want to be known for being clever and inventive. I want to help the world and others. 

Harry went on to explain why,

If I became a Scientist then I would like to invent car engines that don’t need petrol or diesel to run. This would make a lot of difference to the world because petrol and diesel pollute the air releasing greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. Also, petrol and diesel are becoming more and more expensive to run vehicles. When I make something like this I will need to work with car engines for years. Even if it will take an extremely long time I am determined to achieve the impossible!