Would You Like Your Son or Daughter to:

Grow in confidence with their maths work in school?

Tackle their maths homework with more enthusiasm and less stress?

Receive 1-1 support from a qualified experienced teacher when they need it?



Would You Like Your Son or Daughter to:

Build great reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills?

Use language and communication with greater confidence?

Reinforce these skills with English homework designed specifically for them?


Would You Like Your Son or Daughter to:

Be prepared correctly for all four tests in the 11+?

Understand the methods and techniques needed for the two reasoning papers?

Improve their comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills?

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FREE Assessment

Quality Teaching

At Kip Hawkhurst, based at Hawkhurst Fish Farm, our qualified teachers tutor children in English and Maths from Reception up to GCSE’s and A Levels.

Lessons run for 80 minutes and include one to one tuition and exercises using written and online exclusive Kip McGrath resources which make learning fun and stimulating for our students.

Modern Technology

Our technology puts us at the forefront of our relevance to students. As teachers it places over 1.5 million questions at our fingertips, both on screen and as printable question sheets. This gives us the equivalent of over 5000 school textbooks!

It ensures that we can get the level of teaching, the level of questions and the amount of  practise just right for YOUR child.

FREE Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to to find out as much about your child in a series of tests and discussions. There is no pass or fail, the assessment allows us to find out strengths and weaknesses and to also diagnose why your child has any weaknesses.

You get to see the results and we discuss what help and support may be needed and what we can do to help.


Why Kip McGrath Works

These two videos help explain the work we do at Kip McGrath, explaining the trust and bond built between teachers, the pupils who come and their parents.

The second video shows how Kip McGrath Education is truly impacting children’s lives in South Africa.

Creating excellent educational resources to put into the hands of amazing teachers is the key. This ensures each child receives teaching and work at exactly the right level for them.

Kip McGrath has turned my son from unhappy and below average in school to a confident happy boy getting shining results.

I’m so proud.

Katy Piper

I used to worry about both my sons’ education. Fortunately I found Kip McGrath. Simon and Sally are parents themselves and have a lot of experience and knowledge as teachers. My first son went for a year and with their help passed his 11+ and now goes to grammar school. My second son has been going for more than 2 years now, and I have seen a vast improvement in both his Maths and English. My second sons says he enjoys going to Kip McGrath. Thank you, Sally and Simon

Wai Hing Merritt

No matter how hard I would try I’d always find myself feeling as if I weren’t able to effectively help my sons with their education due to various factors. I’ve always wanted my sons to have great education so that’s why I put both my sons at Kip. It puts me at ease knowing they are receiving focus, attention and support in a different environment to school!

As parents we all want our kids to do well and we can always try to put them in a great environment to ensure better support.

Kip McGrath is that place!

Pashupati Bhandari

A calm and incredibly supportive environment in which my children have honed their understanding in maths and literacy.

Great for improving self confidence.

Alice Cope-Stephens

The care and attention given to Scarlett has been second to none. It has helped her focus and has increased her self-esteem through her new belief in her ability to complete a task in a “normal” timescale. As a parent I have the confidence that she is being guided in the right direction with the unbiased feedback from professionals who have no “school politics” to contend with. Without the help from Sally and Simon I don’t believe she would have achieved as much as she has in the period she has been with KIP, what she has achieved we are very proud of. Kip was originally recommended to me and subsequently I have recommended it to others, all of whom have only positive comments.

Ceirys Hughes

We would like to thank Sally and Simon for all their time and attention to detail in helping our son to develop his confidence. We like the fact that the course work mirrors that of the school which enhances his practice, his knowledge and his confidence. Well done and highly recommended.

Joanne Kumta

The sessions are focused and tailored very well to each child with a balanced combination of written and online work. The homework is manageable yet challenging. Sally is versatile, experienced and responds quickly to the personalities and requirements of both my children. Most importantly the children look forward to the sessions and are improving across all areas of comprehension, story writing, reasoning and maths.

Andrea Hodgkiss

Kip McGrath Ashford: a very friendly environment. Abby has enjoyed going and both us

as parents and her school have noticed a difference in her work.

We would highly recommend Kip McGrath

Richard and Carly

Just to say you’re doing a great job with Edima. We wanted the extra push and structure for her abilities and that’s what we’ve got! She’s ahead of work in school and is always complaining (I’ve done this or that). We’re also seeing her stretch her abilities confidently into pastures new and this is very encouraging.

Keep up the good work and thank you.

Sola Otu-Ayi

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We’re passionate about getting the very best out of your child, that’s why unlike other tuition companies we’re providing a FREE in-depth assessment for everyone that comes into our centre. No fees, no compulsory sign up, just understanding exactly where your child is and what help they need to improve.

Address: Unit 1, Back Barn, Hawkhurst Fish Farm, Hastings Road, Hawkhurst, Kent, England, TN18 4RT Phone: 01580 754314 Text: 07595228655

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