The English Curriculum

KMEC provides tuition for students in English between the ages of 5-17; from pre-school up to A Level or Highers. Many centres also offer tuition in GCSE or National 5 English and cater for 11+ and SATs.

English tuition covers grammar, reading, spelling, comprehension, phonemic awareness and written expression. The programme caters for students who are virtual non readers through to those who have only minor difficulties.

The curriculum covers all aspects of English that students are expected to learn in school (where English is the first language). The programme is carefully designed so that each student progresses at his/her own pace. A student can start anywhere within the KMEC programme at exactly the level suited to his/her current ability and knowledge.

There are five key areas in the Kip McGrath Education Centre’s English curriculum:

Early Reading
(Including vocabulary development and grammar)

Pre-School, Reception and Key Stage 1

Early Reading Intervention: designed to develop and motivate young readers

This important programme is designed to assist children who have been identified early as having reading difficulties. It is also targeted towards children who have managed to progress through the school system yet lack any real reading capabilities.

This programme takes children right back to the basics of reading and is an intensive intervention programme. A FREE assessment is conducted to determine if this programme is appropriate for your child. Depending on age, children can progress from this programme to the Kip Reading Programme as their reading skills improve.

Kip’s Get Ready for School programme: to start school on the right foot

The transition from pre-school to more formal learning is a significant one for children. It can affect their interest, motivation at school and their future school success. Kip McGrath’s specialised Get Ready for School programme is a gentle introduction to learning which aids the smooth transition from pre-school to “big” school. Our Get Ready for School programme is an essential for parents who want to ensure the initial school experience is a positive one for their child.

Foundation Literacy and Numeracy for Little Learners

Develop a love of learning in your child from the start of school years. Help your child transition from Kindergarten to Year 1 and improve the chances of school success. Little Learners focuses on building the foundations of literacy and numeracy by engaging children in a variety of structured, yet fun learning activities. This will help your child to:

Develop, improve and reinforce learning in:
Basic reading including phonemic awareness
Alphabet and counting
Addition and subtraction
Number recognition
Course highlights
Develop visual and auditory memory skills

Key Stage 2 - GCSE

English Tutoring for age 5-17: Fill the gaps in spelling, English, comprehension and grammar

Kip McGrath provides English tutoring for students who are having difficulty in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and spelling. The development of proficient English language skills is essential for student success at school, university and the workforce.

The English tutoring programme may consist of a combination of activities including:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing skills
  • Face to face teaching
  • Written activities
  • Stimulating computer based learning

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to identify areas where learning needs to be concentrated. An individual learning programme is tailored for your child based on the assessment results.

The Maths Curriculum


Tutoring for age 5-17

KMEC provides tuition for students in mathematics between the ages of 5-17; from pre-school up to A Level or Highers. Many centres also offer tuition in GCSE or National 5 Maths and cater for 11+ and SATs.

Students are taught to understand each new concept. The computer programs,text books, individual teaching and homework are used for practicing each newly introduced topic.

The curriculum covers all the concepts that students between age 6 and high school graduation are expected to learn in school. The programme is carefully designed so that each student works on their independent learning plan developed after the initial assessment. A student can start anywhere within the KMEC programme at exactly the level suited to his/her current ability and knowledge.

Master the Basics

Master the basics: understand new concepts or extension maths

The Kip McGrath accelerated Maths Tutoring programme is the answer for your child’s maths difficulties. A thorough understanding of basic maths is required before students can progress, so it’s important that the source of any difficulty is identified and addressed early.

Our centres have helped thousands of children who were struggling with maths to acquire the skills they needed to succeed in school and life. Our accelerated maths learning programme targets all grades and streams. Yes, maths can be fun!

Whether your child needs:

  • Help with maths basics
  • Maths homework help
  • Tutoring for more advanced maths problems
  • Help understanding new concepts introduced in years 8, 9 and 10
  • Senior students needing for Advanced or Extension Maths tutoring
Kip Maths Expert

Is your child the kind of student who…

  • Wants to be challenged in Maths
  • Finds math boring because it’s too easy and you already know that basic stuff
  • Needs high achievement in Maths for entry into maths intensive uni courses
  • Is good at maths and wants to do even better
  • Would much rather learn maths on the computer than from a boring old textbook

If so, the Kip Maths Expert Programme may be the solution for you.

This programme, while tutor-aided, allows students to progress at their own pace. You can move quickly through activities to more complex and advanced problems to improve your skills and continually keep challenged. The fully computer-based learning programme includes:

  • Hints, tips and maths topics at all levels
  • Fully worked solutions for senior maths problems
  • A high function graphics calculator
  • The ability to customise activities and monitor your own achievements

Kip’s Enrichment Programmes

Intelligence Development

Intelligence Development: to Improve Thinking and Reasoning Skills

Kip McGrath’s Intelligence Development programme is an excellent resource for exam prep, entrance exam or scholarship tryouts. The programme monitors student’s progress and increases or decreases difficulty level according to results instantly so students remain challenged.

Fully computer-based, our  Intelligence Development programme has been specially designed to:

  • Increasing verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • Improving visual and auditory memory
  • Problem solving
  • Abstract thinking
  • Evaluation
  • Knowledge retention

Will this programme increase my IQ?

The idea of increasing IQ is really about improving scores in IQ tests. Using the Intelligence Development programme will help you develop the types of thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills that are required to score well in such tests. No-one can give you more brain power than you actually possess, though we teach you how to better use and develop the brain power you already have.

Study Skills: Year 9 to Year 13
  • Spending hours studying yet not achieving the results you want?
  • Finding it hard to get motivated to study?
  • Overwhelmed by your classes and don’t even know where to start?

Kip McGrath’s Study Skills programme taught by qualified tutors can help improve your study effectiveness.

  • Concentration is a skill that can be learned
  • Time management and organisation are the keys to effective study
  • Exam stress can be managed and channelled for success
  • Our study skills programme targets students in transition – Year 9 through to tertiary enrolment.

Our 10 lesson Study Skills course focuses on developing study techniques and strategies and then applying these to your individual circumstances. The course runs as a small group so students can interact and bounce ideas off one another. Kip McGrath will give you the tools to help including:

  • Effective time management for students
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Study techniques for individual learning styles
  • Improving concentration
  • Effective note taking
  • Overcoming exam anxiety
  • Research skills and organisation
English as a Second Language

Skills to Increase your confidence with English

For school age children of recent migrants to the UK, strong English language skills are essential to fitting in and keeping up in school.

This 25 lesson course is specially designed to strengthen spoken English skills and develop written English skills in students who have some English language but are lacking confidence or struggling to keep up with the level of language required for school work.

Students will see rapid benefits in their language skills resulting in:

  • Keeping pace with their schoolwork
  • Ability to participate in classroom discussions
  • Improved social skills and social interaction with other students

Students can learn in a friendly, low pressure environment using interactive computer drills, worksheets and verbal practice.

This course is designed to target:

  • School aged students from upper primary through senior secondary (age 8 – 18)
  • Students who have some basic English language skills
  • Students whose English skills are insufficient for school integration and learning
  • Students who lack confidence in their spoken and written English (as a second language)

Book your FREE assessment to find out if your child would benefit from this programme.